Get ready to check out the newest fitness craze sweeping the nation: It’s the Revolution Fit board. The revolutionary Fit board is the ultimate fitness balance board trainer for people of all ages and fitness levels. Although there are other balance boards on the market, only the versatile Fit board has 3-in-1 Balance Training System. The Fit board comes with three interchangeable bases, so you have three different levels of training. The rocker is for the beginner, the cushion is for intermediate level, and the roller is for advanced training. You can get a full body working with the Fit board. While you’re having fun on the balance board, you are toning your body and burning calories like crazy!

Revolution Board - Digital Short

Add a Whole New Dimension to Your Workout Routine

Ready to enhance your workout? The Revolution FIT from Revolution Balance Boards is a high performance fitness balance board designed to add a whole new dimension to your workout. This balance training system will increase the burn and, just as importantly, the fun in your existing exercise routine.