Narrow Low Squat

The Narrow Low Squat works the glutes and quads. Grab some dumbbells and stand with your feet just a couple of inches apart, narrower than a regular squat. Now, squat straight down from here. You're going to shoot your hips all the way back, keeping the weight in the heels. You're going to push your hips all the way back. Squat down as low as you can go, and then just press it straight up. You're going to take it down and up. Remember to keep your feet close together. Push the hips back. Make sure the knees stay aligned with the ankles as you squat all the way down and then take it right back up.

You're going to feel this a lot in those quads and the inner thighs. As you squat down and as you come up, you're going to drive through your glutes and the hamstrings. That gives you the total leg work effect.