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World Gym Official Gym Bag Blue

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World Gym brand was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold during the glory days of "Muscle Beach" in Venice, CA. Joe was one of the original ringleaders of Muscle Beach. Joe blazed a trail followed later by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Dave Draper to name just a few - all of whom had significant Hollywood careers and an intimate connection to and love for World Gym. Since that time, World Gym has evolved into an internationally recognized brand that has captured the imagination of people around the globe.

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World Gym

Official Gym Bag

Blue & Black
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The must-have gym bag for hard-training gym goers.



This highly-durable, multi-purpose gym bag features the recognizable, iconic World Gym logo – which, to us, takes the bag from a nice-to-have for hard-training gym goers to a must-have.

The dimensions for the Official Gym Bag (OGB) are 27.5" W X 15" H X 11" D.
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