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VertiMax V6 Pro Large Blue

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VertiMax has become the world's leading Multi-Sport training equipment. The ability to easily and effectively develop power and speed for hundreds of sport specific movements allows VertiMax to deliver the competitive edge for any sports fitness performance parameter.

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V6 Pro Large

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The V6 Pro is an advanced, durable vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training.




The Vertimax V6 Pro is the ultimate vertical jump and speed training system. Not only does the V6 Pro allow the athlete to train on the platform it has the added capability of allowing the athlete to leave the platform with bands to their body. The ability to reposition the bands allows trainers to (a) create precise resistance vectors for individual sports moves, and (b) design off platform drills using these two topside bands which can be attached to the hands, hips, or feet. Once again, athletes can train with one to six bands attached simultaneously. This unit is perfect for teams, schools or anyone looking to dramatically increase vertical jump and speed.


  • VertiMax V6 System (with 6 bands)
  • Standard Size 4' x 6' platform with 4' x 4' landing mat 
  • Waist harness 
  • Hip Flexor Harness Set
  • Palm Strap Set
  • Ankle Strap Set
  • Users Manual
  • User DVD

Top-side cords have a 6 month warranty. All other parts have a one year warranty.
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