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Spud Inc. Track Harness

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Spud Inc. created a line of gym straps and equipment that could keep up with the strongest powerlifters and weight trainers. Spud Inc. products are made from super strong nylon webbing and are all made locally in Columbia, South Carolina. Check these products out and see for yourself how strong they really are.

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Spud Inc.

Track Harness

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The Spud Inc. Track Harness is a lightweight harness that is great for pulling sleds or running with parachutes.



The Spud Inc. Track Harness is made from soft webbing that will not cut into your shoulders and is designed to not restrict airflow while training. It has a no slip snug fit which allows for fast directional changes without slipping or jerking you around. The track harness comes in a small (80 Lbs - 170 Lbs bodyweight) and a large (175 Lbs - 225 Lbs body weight) size. Whether you’re looking to increase speed or strength, using this track comfortable and affordable track harness will quickly have you on your way to achieving both.
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