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Sorinex Mighty Mitts Rack Balls 3 Inch

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Sorinex Mighty Mitts provides the ultimate products for grip strength training.

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Sorinex Mighty Mitts

Rack Ball

3 Inch
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Sorinex Mighty Mitts Rack Balls are an easy attach accessory for your Sorinex Base Camp Rack and are perfect for grip training, chins, band work or anything else you can throw at them.



The Sorinex Mighty Mitts Rack Balls are a favorite of martial artists and rock climbers. Sorinex Rack Balls are made from hardened steel and electrostaticlly powdercoated for comfort. Use them in conjunction with your Base Camp rack for an added grip/chin station! Once you master the 3" diameter ball try moving up to the 4" to really have your upper body screaming for mercy. The 4" ball increases the challenge exponentially compared to the 3" and will truly test your strength.

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