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ShoulderHorn ShoulderHorn M-L
ShoulderHorn ShoulderHorn M-LShoulderHorn ShoulderHorn M-L

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ShoulderHorn has helped many athletes regain strength and prevent further injury.

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Rapidly add pounds to your bench press, or help rehabilitate shoulder injury, with the ShoulderHorn rotator cuff exercise.



How would you like a surge in upper-body power and a bigger bench press - say, 20 extra pounds on the bar - after only a couple of workouts? Sure, adding 20 pounds to your bench in two or three training sessions may sound crazy, especially if your bench press poundage has been stuck in neutral for a while. But nine times out of 10 this stall is due to an easily correctible muscle weakness - not in the pecs, delts or triceps but in a group of muscles known as the rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff muscles stabilize the shoulder joint. During the bench press and almost all other upper-body movements these muscles protect the shoulder joint and prevent ball-and-socket slippage. If these muscles are atrophied, they become the weak link in the action and your pressing strength suffers, or, worse, you injure your shoulder. One of the best ways to strengthen this area and create an upper-body power surge is with direct rotator cuff exercise.

Once you start using the ShoulderHorn for two or three sets twice a week, your pressing poundages will skyrocket. This is a simple device that allows you to train your rotator cuff muscles in complete comfort and with a precise strengthening action. After a few weeks you’ll be amazed at your new benching power. There have been reports of 20-to-30-pound increases in a matter of days.

A big, impressive bench press can be yours. Get the ShoulderHorn, start working your rotator cuff muscles and feel the power as you start piling on plates and driving up heavy iron.

Available in two sizes:
  • M-L (for heights up to 6' and weights up to 200 lb)
  • XL-XXL (for heights over 6' and weights over 200 lb)
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