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Losing weight can seem like a daunting task. Sure there is that great pay-off when you look and feel amazing, but for a much-deserved reward along the way, check out these fit and fun items that will make you smile and keep your progress in the groove!

Editor's Picks

DashCitrus JuicerAqua
  • $19.99
  • $29.99 Retail
RhinomedTurbine Sports Breathing TechnologyStarter Pack (1 ea S,M,L)
  • $22.99
FREE Shipping
HyperwearFit Ruck
  • $89.99
  • $99.99 Retail
FREE Shipping


FitnessGenesGenetic Fat-Loss System
  • $259.00
  • $259.00 Retail
FREE Shipping
Memory Minder JournalsDietMinderPersonal Food & Fitness Journal
  • $9.99
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