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Mass Suit Mass Suit Elite Series
Mass Suit Mass Suit Elite SeriesMass Suit Mass Suit Elite Series Image1Mass Suit Mass Suit Elite Series Image2

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Mass Suit is the World's breakthrough training tool that caters to all athletes in all Sports; Mass Suit helps increase an individual's speed, power, explosion, endurance and agility.

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Mass Suit

Mass Suit Elite Series

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The Mass Suit is the most amazing and advanced tool that stimulates every muscle in your body, giving you the maximum output to become the best; there is no other product out there that engages your core while working every muscle group like this!



Mass Suit will cut calories 50% faster than any other workout or training tool on the market; from behind the scenes of the hit TV show, 'Biggest Loser', to the US Military, Mass Suit is helping set new levels of fitness worldwide.

The Mass Suit increases your athletic performance levels, giving you faster results. Each movement, your entire body is working against the force of resistance bands, providing constant full body muscle strengthening.

The specific placement of the bands stimulates your core, glutes, legs, arms and chest to improve your explosive energy when jumping, sprinting, punching, kicking or doing any athletic movement. With each exercise performed, the muscles targeted by the resistance bands will increase in strength, speed and stamina.

The Mass Suit shoulder straps and leg bands align your body in proper position to maximize horizontal and vertical burst. No restrictions in any movement.

Perhaps the most effective and diverse training tool in the world:
  • Enhanced power, speed and explosion
  • Increased vertical jump and agility
  • Faster and more powerful punches and kicks
  • Improved endurance and speed
  • Enhanced leg speed and bursts of power
  • Burn twice as many calories and sculpt your body
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