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Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4)
Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4)Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4) Image1Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4) Image2Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4) Image3Lekue OVO Egg Cooker Cylinder (x4) Image4

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Lekue is a worldwide leader in silicone cooking and baking products for healthy food preparation and storage.

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OVO Cylinder Egg Cooker Pack

Pack of 4 x Cylinder, 3.5 oz each
On Backorder
Cook your eggs in a practical and original way!



Ovo Egg Cookers are the new silicone mould to cook eggs in a practical and original way, giving them a square, cylindrical or semi-sphere shape. Add ingredients to give them more flavor and enjoy a healthy and easy way of cooking eggs. OVO moulds also allow you a great variety of cooking: hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, boiled egg and even Spanish omelets cooked in bain marie or microwave.  Whether it is microwaved or cooked in bain-marie, you will present your dishes in a surprising way. 

Tips and tricks: If you want to make 2 eggs at the same time, place the Lekue Ovos on opposite sides of the microwave and double the cooking time. If you find that your eggs are overcooked, subtract 10 seconds from the doubled time and from there adjust accordingly.

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