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KettleClamp came into being to develop a tool to convert any dumbbell into a kettlebell. The product had to feel and behave exactly like a kettlebell, whilst also being versatile enough to fit on any dumbbell. After many drawings and prototypes, KettleClamp created the first tool that turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell.

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The KettleClamp

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The KettleClamp quickly and easily attaches to ANY dumbbell turning it into a kettlebell.




No matter if you have been newly introduced to kettlebells through CrossFit, or are an RKC certified instructor, the KettleClamp offers an uncompromised kettlebell experience. The KettleClamp makes kettlebells accessible to virtually anyone by turning any dumbbell into a kettlebell.

The KettleClamp was created using state of the art design and manufacturing technology. To ensure an authentic feel, the KettleClamp is constructed entirely from cast aluminum and stainless steel. Fasten to dumbbells, barbells, or pull up bars with the confidence to lift up to 1000 Lbs.

Strong, fast, safe, and durable, the KettleClamp fits easily into your gym bag and your budget.

This product is custom made to order and may take up to 14 business days for delivery.

This product is custom made to order and may take up to 14 business days for delivery. If you have questions about the shipping of this item, please contact our Customer Care Department at (855)-US-INBOX.

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The Inbox Fitness return policy does not apply to this item.

Except in cases where the unit was damaged in shipping, returns on this item are not accepted. If any such damage has occurred during transport, please note it on your invoice at the time of delivery.


The Customer Care Team is here to help. Call us toll free at 1-855-US-INBOX or email us at customercare@inboxfitness.com.
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