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Demonbells Hannya
Demonbells HannyaDemonbells Hannya

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Demonbells is a veteran owned company and all products are 100% made from the highest-quality materials. From concept and production to coating and shipping, all Demon Bells are the result of a commitment to providing the ultimate kettlebell.

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"Hannya" Kettlebell

35 Lbs

This product is not yet available. Coming Soon.

Demonbells are functional pieces of art that consist of steel demon heads perfectly shaped into the ultimate kettlebells.



Designed as the evolution of the kettlebell, Demonbells take a simple concept and infuse it with culture, beauty and art. Once they looked ridiculously cool, and in some cases, somewhat scary, they were taken deep into R&D territory and developed further for all-out performance. Engineered with several ergonomic and functional features that are firsts in the kettlebell industry, Demonbells are beautiful art pieces that perform as well as they look.

Sold Individually.
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