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CrossBell system was designed by Dr. Kevin Jardine, Andre Agate and Jason McPherson, three fitness experts who spent years researching, testing and refining a system of training that allows people to workout less and get better results.

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CrossBell Unit

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The CrossBell can be adjusted in weight and used to perform kettlebell and dumbbell exercises.




The CrossBell Unit is hollow so you can adjust the weigh of the product to your desired level of resistance. Use it to do dynamic kettlebell exercises or as a dumbbell.

1 CrossBell unit

High Density Polyethelyne, a food-grade plastic (PEHD) that is virtually indestructible, light, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Unit Dimension
Height to Handle: 14 inches
Diameter/across: 10 inches
Width: 4.5 inches

Empty: 2.2 Lb
Water: up to 10 Lb
Sand: up to 20 Lb
Coins: up to 35 Lb
Buckshot: up to 45 Lb

Warranty: 1 Year

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