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fitness system, targets muscles, lose weight, build lean muscle, improve performance, weight training set, Crossbell  System Natural
fitness system, targets muscles, lose weight, build lean muscle, improve performance, weight training set, Crossbell  System NaturalCrossBell CrossBell System Natural

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CrossBell system was designed by Dr. Kevin Jardine, Andre Agate and Jason McPherson, three fitness experts who spent years researching, testing and refining a system of training that allows people to workout less and get better results.

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The CrossBell System

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The CrossBell is a breakthrough fitness system that targets every muscle in your body. Lose weight, build lean muscle and improve your performance with this patented 3-in-1 weight set and training system.





The CrossBell can be used to perform kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell exercises with a few simple modifications. The system is compact and lightweight to give you all the benefits of using different exercise equipment, without the cost.

The CrossBell System gives you the ability to make your workouts shorter and more effective. The beauty of the product is in the design, which makes it easy for you to do endless combinations of exercises using very little equipment.

The CrossBell is hollow so you can fill the unit to your desired level of resistance. Water provides enough weight for even the fittest people. Work with one weight your entire workout — no need to dump out or fill up the unit when you change exercises! As you get stronger you can increase the amount of weight you use.

Each CrossBell workout uses Metabolic Variance Training (MVT), where you compete against the clock to do as many movements as you can in a specific amount of time. Combine short bursts of high intensity training, rest periods and dynamic movements to accelerate your heart rate and burn more calories.

The CrossBell System includes:
2 CrossBell Units
1 CrossBell Bar
2 Clamps
4 DVDs
Packaging Notes

For shipping purposes the CrossBell System comes in 4 boxes.

Warranty Policy

Summation Fitness Inc. (the "Manufacturer") guarantees the Product, and the components thereof (the "Parts" and each a "Part") against any failure arising from defective manufacture or damage in shipping to the purchaser (the "Customer") for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery of the Product to the Customer.

If a customer believes that a Product or Part is damaged or otherwise defective, they must first speak directly to the Manufacturer concerning the damage and if the manufacturer is not able to trouble-shoot the problem by phone, then the Customer must ship, at Customer's cost, the damaged or defective Product or Part to Summation Fitness Inc at the provided address, along with the original sales receipt showing date and place of the Customer’s purchase. The Manufacturer shall repair or replace the Product or Part (at the Manufacturer’s option) and ship it back to the Customer, all at the cost of Manufacturer. Excluded from this warranty is damage to a Product or Part resulting from a cause other than a defect including poor maintenance, neglect, abuse, accident, maintenance adjustments, unreasonable or unintended strain or use, improper addition of accessories, addition of parts or accessories that are not original equipment, non-approved alteration, and acts of God. Transportation expenses for warranty services are also excluded from this warranty.

Manufacturer’s liability under this limited warranty, or in any action whether based upon warranty, contract, negligence, strict product liability or otherwise, shall be the repair or replacement, at Manufacturer’s option, of the Product or Part that Manufacturer deems to be defective. Replacement shall mean furnishing, during the applicable limited warranty period, a new Product or Part that is identical or reasonably equivalent to the warranted Product or Part at no cost to the Customer. Repair shall mean remedying a defect in the Product or Part at no cost to the Customer during the applicable limited warranty period. If Manufacturer elects to repair the Product or Part, it may provide factory-reconditioned Parts. All Products and Parts replaced under warranty shall become the property of Manufacturer.
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