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Ciclotte: Coolest. Bike. Ever.
By Inbox Fitness
12/3/2012 12:53:00 PM  

Are things ever really as good as they look? Well, in this case -- Yes!

The Ciclotte stationary bike is categorically different from any other exercise bike or piece of home fitness equipment. With its beautiful architecture, it sits like art work in your home, and is as functional as it is unique. Completely designed and made in Italy, manufactured with exceptional materials like carbon, steel and glass fiber, combined in a unique and innovative mix, the Ciclotte offers the most extreme in quality and durability, for even the most avid cyclists and athletes. And at $10,795 it's an ultra-luxury that will make you sweat before, and after, you buy it.

  • $10,795

Currently rated 4.2 by 6 people

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