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5 Things to do on National Family Fitness Day
By Marta Staniszewski
9/24/2013 4:34:00 PM  
10 Things to do on National Family Fitness Day

Take the opportunity to show your kids and family how to do something healthy and positive. On Saturday September, 28th comes the 17th annual National Family Health & Fitness Day!

Get your family excited about fitness and show them how it's done! Family-related health and fitness events will be held all over the country, whether in local parks, YMCA's, malls, health clubs and/or community centers, you can find an activity near you.

If you're looking for something more adventurous, here's our list of ideas for a fun-filled National Family Health & Fitness Day:

  1. Get some good, clean fun in a mud run! Mud runs for families and kids are becoming increasingly popular. Sign up for a muddy obstacle race that will get your whole family excited about running, climbing, and crawling on and through muddy obstacles. Check out our list of the top 3 family fun mud runs:

    1. Spartan Race or Spartan Kids
    2. The Dirty Dash or Piglet Run for kids
    3. Great Amazing Race
  2. Enjoy a fall day of fun, laugh as a family and learn about agriculture, all in a full day's worth of corn maze adventures — with over 2000 corn mazes across the country, you'll be sure to get your fill of family fitness fun.

  3. Kite racing — race your own homemade "bird in flight" by building your own Benjamin Franklin kite!

  4. How about some healthy eating and yummy good-for-you food education at your local farmers market? Go for a walk through your local market and talk to the local farmers who harvest and grow all the amazing, organic & delicious foods in season. The farmers will have lots of insight on how to pick the best tomatoes and how to check if an avocado is ripe.

  5. How about a good ol' bike ride? Grab the kids and go on a cycling adventure! If you or anyone in your family doesn't have a bike, you can rent one for the day at a reasonable price. If you have little ones who can't pedal just yet, use a bike trailer. Ask your local bike shop to help you pick (or rent) the right bicycle trailer for your ride. For the kids who can pedal but may have a hard time keeping up, consider a lift trailer that attaches to the back of your bike but allows your little one to pedal behind you as if he/she was cycling all on their own. For more bike trail ideas in your state check out 'the 50 best trails in America'.

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Ciclotte: Coolest. Bike. Ever.
By Inbox Fitness
12/3/2012 12:53:00 PM  

Are things ever really as good as they look? Well, in this case -- Yes!

The Ciclotte stationary bike is categorically different from any other exercise bike or piece of home fitness equipment. With its beautiful architecture, it sits like art work in your home, and is as functional as it is unique. Completely designed and made in Italy, manufactured with exceptional materials like carbon, steel and glass fiber, combined in a unique and innovative mix, the Ciclotte offers the most extreme in quality and durability, for even the most avid cyclists and athletes. And at $10,795 it's an ultra-luxury that will make you sweat before, and after, you buy it.

  • $10,795

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