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Brooklyn Biltong Grass Fed Biltong 2 oz
Brooklyn Biltong Grass Fed Biltong 2 ozGrass Fed Biltong 2 oz Nutritional FactsGrass Fed Biltong 2 ozGrass Fed Biltong 2 ozGrass Fed Biltong 2 oz

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Brooklyn Biltong was built with two goals in mind: introduce delicious, protein-rich Biltong to America, and make a positive difference in their neighborhood while doing so - they give 10% of their profits to good causes.

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Brooklyn Biltong

Grass Fed Biltong

2 oz
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Biltong is South Africa's version of jerky; unlike jerky, Brooklyn Biltong is free from sugar and other carbs. Boasting 12 g of protein per serving and with an amazing taste, Brooklyn Biltong makes a fantastic high protein snack or part of a nutritious meal.



The taste: Biltong is an all-natural bite of steak in a bag that can be used as a post workout meal or a protein filled snack. It's more tender than jerky but has more structure than prosciutto. It tastes pure, honest and effective.

The health: high protein, low fat, all natural snack that's MSG, gluten and nitrate free. Great for Paleo, Crossfit or growing toddlers. Biltong walks a distant path from jerky. It has no corn syrup or sugars. Why have a protein bar or dairy milkshake in search of protein when you can indulge in pure meat?

The versatility: beef supplement for numerous dishes like salads, pizzas and sandwiches. Compliment a party platter or take it on the go. Biltong is your new best friend when it comes to cooking. Easily call on it in the morning with breakfast or at lunch for a power and energy boosting meal.

Preparation: beef gets cut into strips and dipped into marinade. It then gets sprinkled with Coriander, black pepper, and Allspice. Strips of beef hang and dry for 3-6 days in Brooklyn Biltong's drying box. Strips are taken down and cut into the delicious bites you know and love!

No msg, no nitrates, no chemical preservatives, no additives or unnatural flavorings, Gluten free.
  • Inspired by Oupa Dawie's South African recipe
  • Each batch is carefully infused by hand for maximum flavor
  • Great paired with pizza, salad, eggs etc..
  • Paleo friendly
Delivery usually takes 5-7 business days.
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