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Body-Solid is recognized worldwide as a leader in home gyms and commercial strength training equipment; over 5 million customers are enjoying the results of strength training in their everyday lives. Their equipment is designed to fit a wide variety of lifestyles, space requirements and user sizes.

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20 lb & 10 lb Medicine Ball Combo
You are Saving $75.00

This product is not yet available. Coming Soon.

Buy a 20 lb Body-Solid Dual-Grip Medicine Ball and get a 10 lb FREE. Body-Solid Dual-Grip Medicine Balls features rubber, easy-grip handles for one- and two-handed exercises.



Body-Solid Dual-Grip Medicine Balls can be used for both one-handed and two-handed exercises and are ideal for replicating a number of sports movements. They're also very efficient when used in conjunction with exercises targeting the abdominals and obliques.

Body-Solid adds durable, rubber, easy-grip handles to offer you a sure-handed solution to your daily workout routine. These medicine balls offer you the ability to get a great, intense workout while taking up very little space.
  • Durable rubber easy-grip handles for comfort and freedom of movement during both one and two-handed exercises
  • Solid weighted core
  • Ideal for a wide range of upper and lower-body exercises, including swings and rotational movements
  • 20 lb & 10 lb
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