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Black Widow Swiss Bar
Black Widow Swiss BarBlack Widow Swiss Bar

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Black Widow build unique and high-quality custom-made training equipment. All of their training gear is made out of heavy duty steel and is built in the USA.

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Black Widow

Swiss Bar

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The Swiss Bar from Black Widow is a very versatile custom-made bar that can be used for a host of different exercises.

Note: Black Widow product not shipping until 7th September 2017





Featuring 3 different widths of handles, the Swiss Bar bar can be used for many different exercises including presses, incline presses, overhead presses, stiff-legged deadlift, clean and press, hammer curls, bent-over rows and tricep work.

Made using high-quality steel, this indestructible bar weighs around 33 lb and will quickly become a firm favorite in the gym!

When using the Swiss Bar, your hands are pronated, which takes the stress off your shoulders and adds wrist stabilization.

Allows 3 different grips: 24", 17" and 10".
  • 80" long bar
  • 13" of Olympic plate loading space
  • Fits most standard power racks
This product is custom made to order and ships within 15 business days.

This product is custom made to order and ships within 15 business days. If you have questions about the shipping of this item, please contact our Customer Care Department at (855)-US-INBOX.

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The Inbox Fitness return policy does not apply to this item.

Except in cases where the unit was damaged in shipping, returns on this item are not accepted. If any such damage has occurred during transport, please note it on your invoice at the time of delivery.


The Customer Care Team is here to help. Call us toll free at (855)-US-INBOX or email us at customercare@inboxfitness.com.
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